Hey everyone! Sorry this is the first time you hear from me but I barely have any time. Anyway Ill get right to it! Utah was great I was at the MTC in provo and talk about cold! It snowed and rained but it was great! I met some really amazing people and I started loving them right away. I was there for a week and a half and now I am in Mexico. Manzanillo to be exact. I have been missing home a lot but I know these first few weeks are the hardest and I just need to adjust. The people here are awesome. Everyone is so friendly but the dogs are not. Lol there are dogs everywhere and I dont think they like me. I almost got bit like 2 days ago and I screamed like a girl lol. Anyway, the weather is not what I am used to. Its pretty hot and I am used to that but this humidity is no joke. Manzanillo is close to the beach so my hair isnt liking this humidity either haha.

My first companion here is Hermana Peña. She is from Mexico state and has the sweetest heart ever. I have been learning lots from her and we have been joking around lots too. Haha. So yesterday I gave my first baptism date for an investigator! March 22nd. His name is Timoteo and he is really interested to here us. Anyway like I said I dont have much time but I hope to write again next Monday! Miss and love you all!Image