“Hey everyone! Aw man what a crazy month. Well it`ll be a month on Saturday but close enough. Haha. I hope you are all doing wonderful! This week was well for me. Besides the little bit of homesickness it´s not bad at all. I have about 20 mosquito bites lol but it´s Mexico so what can you do?! The humidity here is not cool at all and my hair is always frizzy lol but anyway… I´ve met tons of fun people who I know I am going to miss so much when I leave My companion is Hermana Pena and she is from Mexico State. I dont remember if i said that last week but here it is again haha. We get along well thank goodness. I am finally adjusting to the atmosphere here. I kind of know my way around its getting easier but I would get lost if I were alone. Haha Anyway, I have a few investigators who are ready or almost ready for a baptism! It is pretty exciting! I will definitely post pictures when that happens and I do not have any Mexico pictures just yet because my cámara already broke and I am getting it fixed but I promise to post soon! Next week most likely. I already almost got bit by 2 dogs which wasnt fun but it was funny afterwards lol they attacked me and I had to run lol. I am about 5 shades darker already lol and talk about tan lines! But this is all part of the experience! One month down, 17 to go! Yay! Till next week! Take care lovelies.